The North Peace Veterinary Clinic is proud to provide 50 years of small and large animal veterinary care to the Fort St. John community. Our veterinary care team consisting of 7 veterinarians and invaluable support staff, have an extensive range of experience, skills, interests and passions in small and large animal medicine. Today, as in previous decades, we are committed to providing the care our community has entrusted us with. Since 1963, we have continually expanded and evolved to continue our legacy. From the clinic’s beginning in the basement of Dr. Wood’s family home, to the construction of the clinic in 1974, to the extensive 2013 addition and current renovations, we are here for Peace Country families. We are the North Peace Veterinary Clinic, founded in our community, committed to our community, and proud to provide small and large animal veterinary care for our community.

Dr. Perry Spitzer

Dr. Perry Spitzer’s enthusiasm for veterinary medicine started as a child growing up on a mixed farm with purebred Charolais cattle near Barrhead, Alberta. Perry graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. He married Corinne and spent 3 years in mixed animal practice in Barrhead. When the opportunity arose to pursue veterinary medicine in the North Peace in 1991, Perry, Corinne, and their newborn son moved to Fort St. John. Perry enjoys all aspects of mixed veterinary practice, with strong ties to large animal veterinary medicine and the beef industry. Outside work, Perry enjoys outdoor activities, farming and his own livestock.

Dr. Corinne Spitzer

Dr. Corinne Spitzer’s (née Wood) roots are in the Peace country. She grew up on a beef ranch along the Beatton River, north of Fort St. John. Corinne married Perry in 1988 and completed her veterinary degree at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. She practiced in mixed animal veterinary practices in Westlock and Barrhead Alberta for 2 years, before rejoining the North Peace Veterinary Clinic as a veterinarian in 1991. Corinne has fulfilled most roles within North Peace Veterinary Clinic from high school student to practice owner and manager. Her personal life revolves around family and farm life with interests in gardening, livestock production, photography and the outdoors.

Dr. Richard Wood

Dr. Richard Wood was born and raised just north of Fort St. John in the community of North Pine. He grew up on the family farm homesteaded by his parents who were some of the first farmers in the community. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1967, returned to the Peace Country and purchased the North Peace Veterinary Clinic the same year. Dr. Wood has been instrumental in the development and growth of the practice over the years. His career has spanned being a solo practitioner to being a member of the multi veterinarian team of today. Dr. Wood enjoys mixed animal veterinary medicine and has a special interest in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Wood is an enthusiastic cyclist who can often be found riding the rural roads of the community.


Dr. Katharine North

Dr. Katharine North (née Moody) has been a resident and active participant in the Fort St. John community since her family immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom as a child. Her interest in medicine and animals led her back to the University of Liverpool in the U.K. to complete her Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2000. Dr. North spent many hours at the North Peace Veterinary Clinic as a student and joined the practice as a veterinary associate upon graduation. Dr. North especially enjoys small animal veterinary care and has special interests in surgery and ultrasonography. Dr. North spends her personal time with her 2 daughters and enjoys travelling, skiing and golfing.

Dr. Kim Jones

Dr. Kim Jones

Dr. Kim Jones joined the North Peace Veterinary Clinic care team in 2009 after graduating with distinction from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Kelowna BC, Dr. Jones is an active member of the Fort St. John Community and enjoys life in northern BC.  Dr. Jones enjoys all aspects of mixed animal practice with a special interest in surgery and equine medicine. She spends her personal time with her family and enjoys riding her horses, travelling and being outdoors.

Dr. Sydney Routley

Dr. Sydney Routley

Dr. Routley is a 2012 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She was raised in Fort St. John and spent many years employed as a student within our practice, starting in the fall of 2004.  Her long history with North Peace Veterinary Clinic has fostered her commitment to the Fort St. John community and patient care. She enjoys mixed animal practice and has a special  interest in small animal medicine as well as exotics including pocket pets,  birds and reptiles. During veterinary school, Dr. Routley was a member of WEAMS (Wildlife Exotic Medicine Society) and expanded her experience by participating in exotic, ultrasound, equine, and calving externships. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys traveling, fishing, fossil hunting and gardening.

Dr. Corinna Goodine

Dr. Corinna Goodine was born and raised in the Fort St. John Community. Through her daily interactions with animals both on her Baldonnel  farm and in the community, she discovered her passion for veterinary medicine at an early age. Dr. Goodine has fulfilled many roles at North Peace Veterinary Clinic starting as a student in 2007. In June 2015 she completed her dream of becoming a veterinarian and graduated from The Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She is excited and enthusiastic about joining the veterinary team as a mixed animal practitioner with special interests in beef cattle and small animal medicine and surgery. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, gardening, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends.