Horse Nutrition Seminar


Save the date for a special horse nutrition seminar on Saturday, October 13th from 1-5pm.

The first part will take place in the classroom @ Northern Lights College from 1-2:30pm.

Coffee and snacks will be provided at 2:30pm.

Next, a demo will be held at the North Peace Veterinary Clinic from 3:30-5pm to learn, hands-on, how to tell your horse’s condition, how to weigh your feed, how to weigh your horse and figure out how much feed he/she needs.

Master Equine Nutritionist, Shelagh Niblock was part of the team that formulated the Pro Form Equine feeds (Step 1 through 8) and will be here to talk about Equine Nutrition and feeding our Equine friends exactly how they should be fed for optimum health, weight control and performance.