Anthrax livestock producer meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our Anthrax livestock producer meeting on October 30th. For any who were unable to attend, Energetic City has posted a link to their livestream of the seminar here.

Anthrax bacteria are normally  present in the soil. While the recent diagnosis of anthrax in our area is the first documented in BC, effective strategies have been developed to deal with outbreaks in other areas. Anthrax in livestock in Saskatchewan and Alberta has occurred sporadically and good control measures are available including vaccine for at risk animals. Contact, risk assessment and education are ongoing for our affected livestock producers. Be reassured that natural anthrax is not a risk for the general public. The likelihood of disease in exposed individuals (those in direct contact) is low and if it occurs it is commonly a characteristic skin lesion that responds well to antibiotics.

For more information, check out Dr. Sydney Routley’s column in the Alaska Highway News here.