Itchy Pets!

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The sun and mosquitoes are out, the plants are growing and so is the increase in itchy pets. Bug bites, parasites, hot spots and allergies are just some of the causes. Biting insects can hamper summer fun for animals as well as people. Usually insect bites are just a nuisance, but in some parts of Canada, mosquitoes and ticks can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, Heartworm and Lyme Disease. Ask us about veterinary-approved products and vaccines that can prevent disease as well as the annoyance of mosquito and tick bites. A veterinary exam and diagnosis are important to relieve your pets scratching so that everyone can enjoy the summer. 

Pet Insurance = Peace of Mind


Despite the love and care families provide, pets often require critical care due to accidents and illness. Pet insurance can be an effective solution to minimize the stress of caring for a pet during a crisis. Insurance plans can be customized to your family’s needs and range from emergency care to more comprehensive preventative care. Search "pet insurance" in our Animal Health Database below for more information and ask us for assistance. 

Quality of Life

What to do when your once young, bright, bouncy pet isn't bouncy anymore? As responsible pet caregivers we need to decide when our pets need help.  Changes are often slow and can easily be missed but are significant over time.  Quality of life assessments coupled with veterinary expertise are tools that can help you make difficult decisions regarding your pet’s comfort. To learn more about this tool, call us at 250-785-4578. 

To print out your own Quality of Life Assessments, right-click on the below image and select "Save Image As", then print from your saved location.

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